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The British Election (Series Trailer)

Coming soon: VICE News covers the British general election, venturing beyond the political party machine to investigate the issues and people pushing to make their mark.

The United Kingdom will hold its general election on May 7, deciding which party, or parties, will form the next government. But until then, the mudslinging between the political groups continues as they jostle for both the media and the public's attention.

While the party leaders are managed by slick spin-doctors and broadcast carefully constructed messages, there is a growing disillusionment with the current state of British politics.

But even as the general public's attention dwindles, groups of committed students, activists, and concerned citizens from a variety of backgrounds are pushing to make their mark.

In our week-long election series, VICE News ventures beyond the political party machine — from the movement against cuts to education to the right to freedom of expression for young Muslims, and from the migrants caught in limbo in France to class war in the English countryside.

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