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Loadstar Give Us a Peek at Their Upcoming RAMlife Mix

Prepare your eardrums for an assault - Noel's "3 Steps"

Loadstar have grown to become an essential member of the RAM roster over the past few years, so when the idea for RAMlife, a series celebrating the past and future of Ram Records came about, they were the ideal choice to put together a mix exploring the essential drum&bass label's current catalogue.

"Over the years we've done various mixes," Nick told THUMP. "The compilation was very focused on a particular style. We tried to go for the RAM sound as much as we could." With names like Noisia, Wilkinson, Cyantific and DC Breaks gracing the track listing, you know it's gonna be a bit of a journey, but we've got the exclusive on "3 Steps" by Noel, one of the up-and-comers represented on the mix.

Gav on the track: "We consistently play this track in our DJ sets..It presents a more underground direction for dnb. It's quite dark but appeals to a wide audience, we can tell by the crowd's reaction when it's dropped."

Take a peep at the minimix:

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