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Hereford FC Granted Permission to Take a Bull Named 'Hawkesbury Ronaldo' to Wembley

Hereford are preparing to face Morpeth Town in the FA Vase final, and have decided to defeat their opponents using only the power of surrealism.
May 17, 2016, 2:16pm

Ahead of their FA Vase final clash with Morpeth Town, Hereford FC have been given permission to take their mascot – a prize bull named Hawkesbury Ronaldo – to Wembley.

According to the Hereford Times, Hawkesbury Ronaldo will be given "special pre-match access" after owners Westons received permission from the Football Association. It has been agreed that Ronaldo will participate in a pitchside parade for half an hour, while we can only hope that he will also be invited to the directors' box to drink champagne, eat corporate nibbles and network with local grandees.


"I have to be honest, when this idea was first mooted I was not confident we would succeed with our proposal," Hereford FC's chairman, Jon Hale, has said. "Therefore I am absolutely delighted that the FA and Wembley Stadium have agreed to our request, and I know seeing Ronaldo gracing such an iconic venue will be a proud moment for every Herefordian.

"I'd like to thank everyone who has played a part in making this happen – it is only going to make what will be a special day even more remarkable."

While there is little doubt that Hawkesbury Ronaldo's Wembley debut is, indeed, remarkable, it also seems somewhat surreal. We have no idea why somebody would call a bull Hawkesbury Ronaldo, but we can only assume that he has great ball control, total mastery of free kicks and a profound love of the Cotswolds.

Hawkesbury Ronaldo will join Hereford FC at their first cup final since their foundation in 2014, when the winding up of former side Hereford United forced fans to launch a phoenix club. Ronaldo was paraded at Edgar Street before the club's first ever league match, with Real Madrid and Manchester United scarves draped over his back.

Sunday's trip to Wembley will be a first for Herefordian football fans. They will doubtlessly hope that Hawkesbury Ronaldo can bring them good luck on the big day, and also confuse Morpeth Town to the point that they concede three times in the first 10 minutes.