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You Can Actually Get Arrested for Putting Soda in Your Water Cup at McDonald's

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you asked for a water cup but then you do the impossible and fill it with soda instead of water?!?
Photo via Flickr user Nathan O'Nions

It may be an unwritten rule, but it is one everybody knows. If you go into a fast-food restaurant and ask for a water cup, that cup is meant for water and water alone. Soda? Hell no. It goes in a soda cup—for which you must pay.

But did you ever wonder what would happen if you asked for a water cup but then—hold on, we find ourselves trying to suppress an evil smile for some reason—you do the impossible and fill it with soda instead of water?!?


Cody Morris, an 18-year-old from Arkansas, can tell you what would happen. Or, more precisely, he can tell you what would happen if you filled your water cup up with soda and then tried to run the manager of the restaurant down with your car in the name of said soda.

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That, dear friends—if it's proven in a court of law to be true—is a felony.

Here's what went down: This Monday in Springdale, Arkansas, Morris and two friends drove up to a drive-thru window and ordered three large waters. Who does that, you ask? Allegedly, they do.

The devious threesome then parked their car, entered the restaurant, dumped the water out, and filled the cups up to their brims with deliciously ill-gotten soda. When the manager of the McDonald's got wind of what the thirsty trio were up to, he intervened and expressed his displeasure. Morris's accomplices reportedly gave up their sodas, but Morris held firm. He refused to return the stolen soda and took it into the car. The three gentlemen then attempted to depart from the restaurant.

Although a large soda with unlimited refills only costs $1.49 at some McDonald's restaurants, the manager was pissed, probably thanks to the manner in which the threesome obtained the soft drink. The manager decided to take a stand—literally. He is said to have blocked the group's car so they couldn't back up and leave with the stolen soda. The manager also reportedly tried to reach through the car window to pull the keys out of the car's ignition.


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So what did the soda thieves do? They put the car into reverse and hit the manager. Then they left the scene in the car and went—wait for it, wait for it—bowling.

After all, who doesn't need a little recreation after plowing someone down with one's car?

The police were called to the scene. Soon after, they found Morris at a local bowling alley. He was arrested for felony robbery. MUNCHIES reached out to McDonald's for comment, but has yet to hear back.

So, you may be wondering, is it a felony to ask for a water cup and then fill it up with soda? Only if you then run the manager of the restaurant over with your car. In that case, we're thinking, yeah, sounds like a felony to us.