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2ManyDJs AKA Soulwax AKA The Flying Dewaele Brothers to Launch New Label

It's called Deewee.
September 8, 2015, 2:09pm

Everyone's favorite Belgian brothers — and let's be honest, probably the only pair of Belgian brothers anyone outside of Belgium knows — the Dewaeles, have decided to start a new label. Better known to most of us as Soulwax or 2ManyDJs, David and Stephen have taken a quick break from playing alongside James Murphy and the world's best soundsystem as Despacio to file accounts and sort out some no doubt very boring legal shit and make the label, called Deewee, a reality.


There's not a huge amount known about it yet, but we do know that the inaugural release will be Drie/Twee by Klanken. Klanken may or may not be David or Stephen. It probably is David and Stephen. We'll find out more when the first 12" drops on the 19th of September. This could be the most exciting thing to come out of Belgium since beer.

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