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NORTHMIX: The Librarian

The co-founder of Bass Coast Music Festival hits the decks for THUMP.

Although she goes by the name The Librarian, Andrea Graham certainly isn't the hunched-over lady that tried to teach you about the Dewey Decimal System in grade school. "It was the nickname I was given and couldn't really escape from," remarks Graham. With her iconic glasses and not-so-quiet beat-making, she's been a major force in British Columbia's dance music landscape for over a decade.

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"I definitely feel like electronic music is who I am," notes Graham. Indeed, she divides her time between crafting powerfully eclectic bass music and playing head honcho alongside co-founder Liz Thomson at Bass Coast Music Festival, an underground festival in Merritt, BC that explores emerging electronic music, art, ideas and technology. "It allows me to express myself more than live music does."

"The two just really support each other," she tells. "We approach the festival's programming much like a DJ set. From afternoon into the morning, each stage tells a story that evolves over time. It's something you can't explain, but you feel when you're there." Similarly, Graham's involvement with the festival is what reconnects her to familiar faces when touring foreign lands as The Librarian. "When I go around and play elsewhere, people who have been to Bass Coast come out of the woodwork and it's a little reunion at every stop. Bass Coast and The Librarian have this intertwined life."

The next Bass Coast won't be going down until next summer, but Graham's exclusive THUMP NORTHMIX will help ensure those crucial neck muscles maintain their strength until the head-whipping event makes its return. A collection of tunes honouring the best and the brightest in BC's bass music scene, the mix is an emphatic unveiling of local talent.

"I hope within the mix people discover new genres or artists that they might want to look further into," Graham says. "There's a lot of new talent coming up in the west coast." Whether it's through her impactful sounds, thoughtfully manufactured stage productions, or charming social presence, this is one librarian that won't tell you to be quiet.


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