Theo Parrish to Sly Stone: 5 Tracks that Influenced Australian Neo-Soul Star Silentjay

The Melbourne-based DJ and producer is making waves.
June 3, 2016, 10:03pm

A handful of names come to mind when you think of Melbourne-based musicians making waves in neo-soul. DJ and producer Silentjay is one of them. From his work in Grammy-nominated Haitus Kaiyote, to his R&B project with Jace XL, and his prolific career as DJ—there hasn't been much we haven't relished.

This weekend, Silentjay will play his solo work with a live band for The Cave, presented by Wondercore Island as part of the Melbourne International Jazz Fest. Over two nights, The Curtain will hold two free parties featuring stellar line ups. For more info and set times, check out the Facebook event.


In celebration, Jay threw together some of his favorite electronically-produced tracks that have influenced his work. Listen below.

SA-RA - "Negative Ion Remix"

Probably the BADDEST bass synth playing I've ever heard. I love how sloppy the track is and organically grows over time. this is future funk to me… And it was made over 10 yrs ago.

DJ Rels - "Waves"

The broken-beat alias of one of my fave producers, Madlib, this is another one with crazy bass-lines… The brazilian inspired rhythms and chord progressions with Madlib textures, this track makes you feel like your floating.

Theo Parrish - "FOOTWORK"

I love how understated this track is, the syncopated hi-hats is really what drives it. The way he kicks in the soulful synth chords half way thru the track is so tasty.

Moodymann - "Why Do U Feel"

So soulful and so experimental. His contrast of sample choice is insane, and he some how weaves it all together smooth as silk.

Sly Stone - "Just like a Baby"

One of the first dudes to ever use drum machines in funk/soul music. I love how raw, dark and beautiful this track is. You can hear this was made alone in his basement.

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