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Check Out This Exclusive Mix From Huxley Before You Boogie at BEMF

Get ready for the weekend festival with a masterclass in garage-tinged heat.
November 6, 2014, 4:31am

Pureeing different bits of diverse music may end up in an unsavory sound palate. Finding the right harmonization's in genre, suitable rhythmic pairings in tempos and a complimentary vocal sample—if done well—can be the handiwork of a dance music maven. Huxley, may just be that man.

Huxley, born Michael Dodman, is a long-time producer whose initial garage house sound has evolved into a territory of modernized deep house. As one of the many faces of the contemporary dance music landscape, Huxley has festival hopped around Europe, toured North America and has successfully led a monthly radio show on for over two years.

His debut full length album, Blessed, is his game-changer release. It's wide spectrum of influences and musical hybrids make it a unique edition to his already extensive repertoire.

"I think there's definite blurred lines between pop, house, garage, techno, dubstep and breakbeat throughout most of my music, not just on this LP," he says, in reference to the album's title. "I wrote loads of music that I thought would be good for an album but just didn't have that edge I wanted, or it was too similar to what I'd done before. I wanted to make this album stand apart, if only a little, from some of my EP music."

Huxley's fresh, modern feat on his debut album is equally conveyed through his guest mix for this installment of Northmix.