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New York High School Soccer Player Dies After On-Field Collision

Tragedy for a rising young soccer star.
October 29, 2015, 8:47pm
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Thomas Jakelich, 16, was attempting to score a goal in a high school soccer game on Monday when he was injured after colliding with an opposing player. He was conscious while being taken to a nearby hospital. After nearly six hours in surgery, Jakelichwas pronounced dead around 11 PM, the New York Daily News reported last night.

Jakelich attended Loyola High School,a well-to-do private school on the Upper East Side, and was on its varsity soccer team. They were playing the United Nations International School when the accident happened. His step father, Rick Newman, was notified around 4:20 PM.

"He was a soccer fanatic, and he was darn good," Rick Newman told the Daily News. "The last great moment he had was out there on that field."

For all the discussion surrounding the dangers of high school football every fall, it's not the only sport where serious injuries can turn fatal.

Jakelich's school held a memorial mass in his honor on Wednesday morning.