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Watch VICE’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas Panel Discuss Incarceration in Australia

What are prisons for, and how did they become a growth industry?
September 9, 2015, 12:46am

This month, VICE Australia dedicated the whole magazine to investigating the state of incarceration in Australia. We launched this issue over the weekend with a panel at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, posing the questions what are prisons for, and how exactly did they become a growth industry?

The session was mediated by writer and documentary-maker John Safran. He was joined by investigative journalist Eric Schlosser; Chris Munro the managing editor of Tracker magazine—which was Australia's most read Aboriginal Affairs publication until it was shut down last year—and Debbie Kilroy, a former inmate and founder of Sisters Inside, a group that advocates for the human rights of women in the criminal injustice system.

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