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Exclusive: Watch Gunhip's Music Video Made in the Official ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Editor

Gunship's "The Mountain" uses the game's Rockstar Editor to produce an homage to 1980s action movies.
June 3, 2015, 2:10pm

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Grand Theft Auto V was amazing long before its PC version brought Director Mode to the masses, via the Rockstar Editor, but its introduction has given the game a whole new lease of creative life. Director Mode gives players control of "actors" within the game's engine, while the Editor itself (coming later in 2015 to Xbox One and PS4) allows users to create, edit, and share videos of their GTA V experiences.


So far, we've seen several amazing little movies made this way, the first being 8-Bit Bastard's Trevor-starring "Running, Man," commissioned by Rockstar themselves. And now, that same team of content-makers has teamed up with London's Gunship to produce a music video created in the GTA V PC Editor (other people have made music videos out of captured footage, but not with the editor itself).

The emerging trio's neon-soaked sonics are ideally suited to GTA V's movie-making toolset, as 8-Bit Bastard have again proved with the video to the band's new song, "The Mountain," taken from their debut album (due out on July 24, via INgrooves). Taking cues from synthwave pioneers like the Valerie Collective and building their sound through vintage gear, Gunship's music evokes entirely made-up memories of an era a great many listeners never lived through, or were too young to appreciate (which, honestly, might be a good thing). It's analogue-slick, but futuristic too, a fever-dream of possibility running through the head of a 1984 Michael Biehn. We dig it, certainly, and it's a great follow-up to January's "Fly for Your Life," the video to which also had a video game–y aesthetic.

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This new video leans on imagery from The Terminator and Drive, with an opening that's Blade Runner enough to have any viewer wondering what potential there is with the Rockstar Editor to actually "remake" the classics using GTA V. (There are people doing Breaking Bad, so that's a start.) You can expect to see planes, trains, and automobiles, many of which are on fire. And dudes shooting guns, naturally.

If you like what you see and hear, you can pre-order Gunship's album—featuring guest turns from John Carpenter and New Young Pony Club's Lou Hayter—on iTunes. Or, if you're really into the retro-gaming style video, just check out this "16-Bit Box Set," offering more than a generous nod to old-school Mega Drive packaging.

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