Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, October 2023

Welcome to Libra season, dear Aquarius!

The sun in fellow air sign Libra illuminates the sector of your chart that rules adventure and new opportunity, making it an exciting time of expansion and exploration for you, dear Aquarius!

You could be traveling somewhere inspiring or making great progress in school. You might also be publishing your ideas or making your voice heard in some big way. Watch out for miscommunications, especially regarding money, as Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces on October 2. Laziness and distraction are in the atmosphere. A negotiation might stall or details could become confused. A much sharper, more productive energy flows around communication on October 3 as Mercury connects with Pluto in Capricorn. Your connection with your inner voice is especially strong at this time. Mercury enters Libra on October 4, also boosting communication and perhaps bringing you news from abroad.


Mars in Libra squares off with Pluto, and Venus enters Virgo, on October 8. Mars’s clash with Pluto finds people feeling short-tempered and an argument could be blown out of proportion, so try to take a measured approach to things. Don’t jump to conclusions about how someone feels or what someone thinks; people are especially sensitive to being judged at this time, and making assumptions doesn’t do you any favors either. Venus in Virgo brings a shift in energy, with someone, or a group of people, eager to invest in you and your talents in some big way. Venus in Virgo is thoughtful and helpful: In your love life, you’re reflecting on which partners bring a caring and sharing vibe to your relationship, and which are withholding. You may be wondering what you bring to the table, too. 

Venus opposes your ruling planet Saturn in Pisces and Pluto ends its retrograde on October 10. Comfort and security are weighing heavily on your mind. Venus’s opposition to Saturn finds you deep in thought about themes like wealth and abundance, and you’re considering what sort of cut backs you need in order to reach your goals. You might be reworking your budget or addressing finances with a partner in a new way. Pluto ending its retrograde in Capricorn finds you connecting with your intuition in a deep way, and your dreams might be especially active and interesting at this time!


Mars enters Scorpio on October 12, revving up the sector of your chart that rules your career! This is an exciting time to move forward in your goals as great achievements could be made in the coming weeks. Your reputation as an innovator gets a boost. Mars aligns with Saturn on October 13, which could be a fantastic day to move financial negotiations forward or draw up an action plan to achieve a goal. Solid commitments could be made. Rather than feeling limited by deadlines or agreements, you can feel supported and energized by the plans and responsibilities you’re taking on now,

There’s a solar eclipse in fellow air sign Libra on October 14, which can find you starting a wild and unexpected new adventure. An opportunity you never saw coming may arrive! You might visit a place or have a conversation that feels destined in some way. An important message could arrive or new information is revealed to you. You may be exploring a new direction in your educational pursuits, too. Eclipses are all about transformation: Your perspective on things shifts greatly, and you might never look at the world the same way again. 

The sun meets Mercury, and Mercury squares off with Pluto, on October 20. The sun’s meeting with Mercury bodes well for communication and, again, like the new moon in Libra, finds you having a brilliant eureka moment. Mercury’s clash with Pluto brings an intense but necessary conversation. Secrets are shared, and something that was hidden comes to light.


The sun squares Pluto on October 21, which might spell an ego clash. People who are gripping tightly to the past and the way things used to be might feel especially frustrated at this time, but if you’re open to embracing change and the unknown, some brilliant transformations can take place. Your dreams could be especially active at this time, so it would be wise to start a dream journal; you might learn something intriguing and unexpected about yourself! Pluto is all about the unseen, and its activation this month could find you exploring your psyche and unknown parts of yourself.

Venus aligns with Jupiter in Taurus, Mercury enters Scorpio, and Mercury connects with Saturn all on October 22. Venus’s connection with Jupiter inspires a warm, loving energy, especially at home and with family, and also in your love life as you and a partner grow closer in a deep and intimate way! Mercury in Scorpio bodes well for communication, especially regarding your career, and the buzz about you is growing even louder. This is a productive time to spread the word about your talents, products, and ideas. Mercury’s alignment with Saturn is promising for negotiations, especially if you’re discussing long-term plans and commitments.

Scorpio season begins on October 23, boosting your popularity! Fame and fortune could come your way. Financial support and material rewards are accessed as the sun connects with Saturn on October 24. Your talents are paying off in a big way at this time, and perhaps there’s a situation where you can organize long-term security for yourself. Emotionally, themes like self-esteem and feeling valued by others are coming up for you, and important realizations about these themes take place!


A lunar eclipse in Taurus takes place on October 28, marking an important change in your work-life balance. Scorpio season finds you focused on your career and life in the public eye, but this full moon also pulls your attention to your personal life. You may be moving or renovating your space, setting limits with family, and reconnecting with family or other people from your past. You might be moving away from old traditions or diving deeper into your family’s history.

Eclipses have a big, emotional energy about them, and people are acting in ways that are especially theatrical as both Mars and Mercury sit opposite Jupiter during this full moon. Try to take a measured approach to things, and take note that even the most well-intentioned people could be exaggerating things. An argument could be blown out of proportion, and romanticization of the past might be taken to the next level. Mercury meets Mars on October 29, helping you move on from the past: The future feels like it’s speeding toward you! An exciting new discussion begins, perhaps regarding your career or life in the spotlight.

Venus aligns with your other ruling planet, Uranus, in Taurus on October 31, which could bring unexpected support or gifts. A surprising emotional connection might form and this is a powerful time to break old habits with your romantic partners and try new approaches. Something confusing becomes clearer at this time, and something you didn’t have any interest in exploring could suddenly seem more attractive.

Good luck this month, Aquarius, and see you in November!