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It's Monday and Trump Tower Already Caught on Fire

Get your 'Fire and Fury' jokes ready.
January 8, 2018, 8:30pm
Photo by Jeff Levi via AP.

The week isn't off to a great start for Trump. Michael Wolff's book about the president's batshit first year is flying off the shelves, Mueller is reportedly set to drag him in for an interview, and the McDonald's lover is about to face his first physical since taking office. Oh, and Trump Tower caught on fire.

A few days after Trump launched his unsuccessful battle against Fire and Fury from Washington, the FDNY waged a much more successful war against an actual fire. On Monday morning around 7 AM, Secret Service agents at Trump Tower spotted smoke and called in the FDNY to investigate, the Washington Post reports. More than 70 firefighters responded to the small fire blazing on the roof of the high-rise, which apparently started in a heating and cooling unit and sent plumes of smoke billowing across Midtown Manhattan.

Eventually the crews managed to get the blaze controlled, extinguishing the fire after an hour. According to the fire department's statement on Twitter, two civilians and one firefighter sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the process.

The president was not in the building at the time of the fire, but his son and recent birthday boy, Eric, tweeted his thanks to the fire department's speedy response.

The fire was pretty small, didn't trigger an evacuation of the building, and no one was seriously injured, giving some on Twitter good excuse to stop obsessing over Oprah's potential presidential bid and crack a seemingly endless slew of jokes about Trump's pants being on fire, so there's that. Check out a bunch of footage of the blaze below.