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VICE Premieres "You Give Me Worms," the Latest From Turbonegro

Turbonegro wants to give you worms.

Turbonegro has a new album coming out on July 13th and "You Give Me Worms" is the first single from it. Listen to it here and think about all the horrible/hateful ex-gfs and ex-bfs you'd like to give worms to.

The denim-clad freaks are also playing some shows:

May 05 Off the Wall Spring Classic, Varazze ITALY

May 25 Rock Hard Festival, Gelsenkirchen GERMANY

June 09 Download, Donnington UK

June 10 Nova Rock, Nickelsdorf AUSTRIA


June 15 Hellfest, Clisson FRANCE

June 23 Bergenfest, Bergen NORWAY

June 29 Peace&Love,  Borlange SWEDEN

June 30 Kollen,  Oslo NORWAY

July  21 Malakoff,  Nordfjordeid NORWAY

July 28 Rock la Roca,  Loreley  GERMANY

July 29 Greenville,  Berlin  GERMANY

August 03 Porispere  Pori  FINLAND

August 11 Heitere Open Air,  Zofingen SWITZERLAND

August 23 Døgnvill Tromsø NORWAY

August 24 Leeds Festival Leeds UK

August 25 RxR Stavanger NORWAY