Kelly McClure

Kelly McClure

  • Forget Sunshine

    The new hot spot where all the cool kids go to do keg stands on stacks of cock rings is the MOTHAFUCKIN’ PACIFIC NORTHWEST! And to prove it, we enlisted Pacific Northwest bands Pony Time, the Thermals, Tacocat, and Parenthetical Girls to share pictures...

  • Can This Be Over Now? - SXSW Day Four

    After waking up and checking my outgoing text messages from yesterday, it seems as though I spent most of the day, and all of the night, texting my boss about how I just want him to "understand me" and then saying, "Sorry, I'm on pills," while also...

  • Show Stuff - SXSW: Day Three

    Having been at SXSW for three full days now, I can offically say that I would not mind going home soon. My feet hurt, I've gained 35 pounds from drinking beer from sunup till sunup, and my nose is so sunburned I look like I have a disease.

  • An Interview with Sini Anderson, Director of 'The Punk Singer' - SXSW: Day Two

    Yesterday I met up with Sini Anderson at SXSW, director of 'The Punk Singer,' a documentary about Kathleen Hanna. Out of everything I've seen about Kathleen, or of Kathleen, this was the most vulnerable.

  • Front and Center at the Poop Show - SXSW: Day One

    I put "poop show" in the title of this post for two reasons: 1) I don't think we can say "shit" anymore; and 2) SXSW, for me at least, seems to always center around how much I have to crap my face off the minute I exit the plane.

  • Let's Have an Intimate SXSW Together

    Are you in a band and want me to know about it? Have I shit upon your band at one time or another, or look as though I am thinking about shitting on it in the near future? Well then meet up with me at SXSW, and we will fight with our arms.

  • VICE Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of SSION's "High" Video

    We love SSION, and we write about them often, so naturally we jumped at the chance to share this special, exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the weird and intimate making of their "High" video.

  • I Had Romance Sex at Kate's Lazy Meadow

    So as we all know, last Thursday was Valentine's Day, and while you were staring at your weird girlfriend or boyfriend across a table at Applebee's, I was up in the Catskills with my sex lover, doing sex lover things at Kate's Lazy Meadow.

  • Johnny Marr Takes Music and Fashion Seriously

    Music and fashion go together like pedophiles and children. It’s always been an uneasy, somewhat forced relationship that results from perversion and mental illness. Johnny Marr is one of the few musicians who got it right.

  • Scout Niblett Spreads Love and a New Album

    It's Valentine's Day, and while that may not mean anything to you, it does mark a perfectly good occasion to announce Scout Niblett's new album, which comes out on May 21st on Drag City.

  • We Interviewed Le1f About Basic-Ass Bitches

    It's New York Fashion Week, and Le1f just released one of the most fashionably sexy and fun mixtapes that we can think of. We talked to Le1f about style, basic-ass bitches, his latest mixtape, 'Fly Zone,' and who would win in a fight between Beyoncé...

  • Matthew Frost Directed 'Fashion Film' Featuring My Girlfriend, Lizzy Caplan

    Fashion Week starts this week in NYC I guess. Is that what it's called? Fashion Week? I don't know, I had to ask about it. What I DO know is that my love, my life, my one true celebrity fake girlfriend, LIZZY CAPLAN stars in this hilarious spoof on...