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Cry-Baby of the Week: Some Teens Attacked a Woman Who Asked Them to Be Quiet During 'Furious 7'

Also this week: A kid allegedly trashed his mom's car because she confiscated his iPhone.

It's time, once again, to marvel at some idiots who don't know how to handle the world:

Cry-Baby #1: Some unidentified teens in Pennsylvania

Screencaps via Google Maps and 6ABC.

The incident: A woman shushed some teens during Furious 7.

The appropriate response: Not talking anymore.

The actual response: They attacked the woman, breaking her eye socket.

Earlier this month, Pennsylvania woman Cindy Santamaria-Williams was at a screening of Furious 7 at a theater in the Poconos.


During the movie, she says, there were three teenage girls that were making too much noise. "They were very loud, rowdy. They were cursing a lot," she told WNEP.

Cindy says that she asked the teens to be quiet, and also told a manager about them.

After the movie, Cindy went out to the parking lot, where the three teens, and five of their friends, were reportedly waiting for her.

That's when, according to Cindy, one of the girls said to the group, "When one swings, we all swing." After which she swung. And they all swung.

Cindy was reportedly knocked to the ground before being punched and kicked by her attackers. She received a black eye, a broken eye socket, and bruising in the attack.

Police are searching for the teens, two of whom are pictured above.

Cry-Baby #2: An unnamed teen in Ohio

Screencap via Google Maps.

The incident: A woman confiscated her son's iPhone after he refused to clean his room.

The appropriate response: Tidying your room, but being really passive-aggressive about it. Or pretending you didn't care about the iPhone anyway, to annoy her.

The actual response: The son trashed his mom's car.

Last week, 40-year-old Kimberley Harrison asked her 13-year-old son to clean his bedroom.

In a statement to police, Kimberley said that the teen refused, so she confiscated his iPhone.

The boy was, reportedly, really, really not into this.

According to the police report, the boy confronted his mother and spat on her. Her husband, 46-year-old Jerome McDowell, allegedly attempted to intervene by explaining to the boy "how good he had it," which the boy responded to by hitting Jerome with a Gatorade bottle.


The boy, the police report goes on, then went outside, climbed on to the hood of his mom's 2001 Honda Accord, and jumped up and down on the roof and windshield, breaking the glass and denting the roof.

The boy then reportedly ran away, telling his mother that he was "not coming home." Like most incidents of teenagers running away, his departure was short-lived, and he returned to the house not long afterward. Upon seeing him, his mother called the police, who arrested the boy and took him to a juvenile justice center on vandalism and assault charges. Presumably sans-iPhone.

Which of these unnamed teenage terrors is the biggest cry-baby? Let us know in this poll:

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