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Cash Cash Get a Remix by One of America's Next Big Room Heroes

Pierce Fulton uplifts "Surrender" to a whole different level.
November 5, 2014, 7:00pm

This American big room story starts in New Jersey, the home of Atlantic Records electro-pop trio Cash Cash, and Vermont, where big room champion Pierce Fulton started out his career. Fulton released his electro smash track "Kuaga" (pronounced Koo-ah-gah) in August, and now he's taken on Cash Cash's world-beating track "Surrender."

"The Pierce Fulton remix came out really special," Cash Cash tell THUMP. "All of his stuff has such a solid feel and he gave our song "Surrender" exactly what we expected him to. I love how he kept some of the original nuances intact but experimented with different melodies that brought a whole new energy to the song. His chords and sound selection are spot on making a really uplifting remix."

The trio are finishing up some dates on a current tour, and then it's back to the studio. "We're currently working on a ton of new songs with new features that we're amped about…We're messing around with different sounds, tempos, and style features. We're not afraid to try new things because it gets boring doing the same thing over and over again. We also did a remix for Bastille that we're very proud of. So much stuff in the works!"

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