Put Weed in Your Ceviche for Next-Level Weekend Vibes


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Put Weed in Your Ceviche for Next-Level Weekend Vibes

Ceviche is refreshing, flavorful, and delicious. But you know what can make it even better? A little cannabis- and ginger-infused olive oil.
March 18, 2016, 9:00pm

Now that things are starting to warm up over here—the first day of spring is this weekend, after all—we're looking forward to ceviche season. Sure, any season is technically ceviche season if you want it to be, but with warm weather comes dreams of fresh seafood and bright flavors, and ceviche certainly fits that bill.

Traditionally, ceviche is a simple dish: seafood, onions, lime, with some spicy peppers or cilantro thrown in if that's how you roll. But when we hung out and had a marijuana-centric feast with the team behind Om Edibles for a recent episode of Bong Appetit, we learned that a little cannabis oil can do a ceviche good, too.

For the citrus marinade (leche de tigre), we start with lime juice, garlic, ginger, habanero, onion, and cilantro. Ono, octopus, shrimp, creamy cubes of sweet potato, and crunchy corn get the royal treatment in the stuff. Ginger-cannabis olive oil is really what tops it all off.

RECIPE: Cannabis-Infused Peruvian Ceviche

Chef Tim Milojevich also whipped up an amazing platter of Prime Rib with Weed Chimichurri Sauce and Banana-Leaf-Wrapped Sea Bass with Fresh Salsa and Cannabis Oil for this incredible meal. Right now, it feels like ceviche o'clock, but should you wish to make the whole spread, we won't stop you.

Just don't forget your shades—things are looking bright. Happy spring, kids.