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How-To: Make the Perfect Lobster Roll

Matty Matheson is here to show you how to make the world's greatest lobster roll with the crispiest homemade Old Bay potato chips.

Matty Matheson visits the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen in Brooklyn to make the lobster roll to end the war on lobster rolls. This perfect version is inspired by Connecticut, Maine, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick alike.

RECIPE: The Perfect Lobster Roll

First, take your lobster and put it in boiling water. How do you know when it's done, you ask? All you have to do—while it boils—is listen to "Stairway to Heaven" and then, there you have it: a perfectly cooked lobster. But you can't just have lobster on a roll, can you? No. You need a nice white cabbage coleslaw to go on top of this beautiful meat. Matty then shows us how to make the best god damn coleslaw in the world with pickles, celery, onion, cabbage, and lemon juice.

RECIPE: Perfect Homemade Potato Chips

And what would a lobster roll be without a good potato chip? Thankfully, Matty shows us how to make the crispiest Old Bay potato chips using beautiful Yukon gold potatoes, vinegar, and of course, Old Bay seasoning.

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