Lobster Roll

  • Old Bay Potato Chips Recipe

    A quick soak in a bath of water and vinegar makes for our crispiest chips, yet.

  • How-To: Make the Perfect Lobster Roll

    Matty Matheson is here to show you how to make the world's greatest lobster roll with the crispiest homemade Old Bay potato chips.

  • Traditional Maine Lobster Roll Recipe

    When you think of lobster, you think of Maine. These rolls have been perfected by the people who invented the lobster roll.

  • Luke's Lobster Rolls Recipe

    The only place for mayo in this lobster roll recipe is spread on the buns (for the lobster, we prefer straight up butter and seasoning).

  • Chef's Night Out: Andrew McConnell

    Andrew McConnell—the chef behind Melbourne's restaurant empire that includes Supernormal, Cumulus Inc., and Cutler & Co.—has a night out on the town that includes eel tempura, caviar waffles, and lots of drinks.