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Dive Into Vancouver's Bass Music Roots in Part One of Sub.Culture British Columbia

​Out of the rubble of UK grime, bass music having a big moment on Canada's west coast.

Out of the rubble of UK grime, bass music has become the most prominent part of the electronic music culture of Canada's west coast—shaking walls and rattling windowpanes all the while. But, in Vancouver, one of North America's most expensive city, producers live in the flux of a thriving scene, while fighting a continual battle to support the living conditions of its artists. Outside of the city, the mountain town Nelson is home to the region's, and perhaps the nation's, most well known music festival: Shambhala. The festival's utopian, hippie vibe is complimented by the unparalleled beauty of its surroundings, and provides a stark contrast to the cityscape of Vancouver—providing a great place for us to learn more about bass' place in the homegrown scene.


In part 1 of SUB.Culture British Columbia, THUMP explores the history of bass music in Vancouver and how it has exploded over the past few years. We speak to members of its DJ collectives like LIGHTA! Sound, and the city's biggest promoter, Blueprint, to discuss the genre's unprecedented growth and how producers cope with the dizzying cost of living.