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Robert DeLong Remixes The Bird and the Bee to Stuttering Effect

Greg Kurstin’s band returns with a rework from fellow LA producer.
June 19, 2015, 4:39pm

Even if you don't know Greg Kurstin's name, you know his work. The musician who was once the man behind late-90s weirdo pop outfit Geggy Tah has become a go-to songwriter and producer in the pop world. His credits range from Little Boots, Lily Allen, and Charli XCX to Ellie Goulding, Sia, and Foster the People. Still, for many, it's his project with singer/songwriter Inara George that endears Kurstin to his fans. Their band, The Bird and the Bee, releases its fourth album, Recreational Love (the first since 2010's Hall & Oates tribute), on July 17.


"Will You Dance?" is the set's first single and Kurstin and George were careful to select fellow LA-based producer as its remixer.

"The song was already at one of my favorite tempos—108 bpm," says DeLong. "It deserved some funky grooves and some trippy textures, so once I realized which direction to go, the thing sort of fell together."

As a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, and one-man-show, DeLong's productions often sounds like a combination of many sounds from the same mad musical genius mind. Such is the case here, and The Bird and the Bee are down.

"I'm a fan of Robert's and really love his take on the song," Kurstin says. "It's always exciting and interesting to see how someone else hears our songs," adds George. "That's why remixes are so fun for me."

Recreational Love is out July 17. The band performs two shows, July 12 in Los Angeles at the Ace Hotel Theatre and July 17 in New York at Webster Hall.

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