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​We're Curating Team Supreme's Vol. 129 Cypher

Here's your chance to get featured on THUMP. Check the rules, submit your beat. We'll make you famous.

The rise of Team Supreme has been one of the most captivating stories in stateside dance music over the past couple of years. The sizable Los Angeles-based posse of producers and DJs has quickly made a name for itself on the back of a progressive, fresh take on beat scene thematics, while acts like Djemba Djemba, Penthouse Penthouse, Two Fresh, and AWE have catapulted to the upper echelons of the underground.


A major part of the Team's ascent has been its beat cyphers, collections of beats submitted by squad members and beyond, held together by thematic rules and selected by Team Supreme brass. They've proved to be a fertile meeting ground for developing producers, and perhaps more importantly, have resulted in some absolutely fuego tunage on 128 separate occasions.

For Team Supreme's Cypher vol. 129, THUMP has taken on curation duties. We're setting the rules and we'll be championing the selection. Check the rules below, submit your track, and maybe you'll be featured on THUMP next week.


Remix Joey Beltram's classic early techno tune "Energy Flash," released in 1991 on Belgian label R&S Records. The selected BPM is 62 (or 124 if you're feeling frisky). Listen to the tune below:

You also must use at least one sample from the following live Punjabi comedy stage show.

Your beat must be approximately one minute long. Here's the link for "Energy Flash." You'll have to figure out how to rip the show yourself.

Due date: Friday, May 15 at 6PM PST.

Turn in your track via private Soundcloud link. Double check to make sure you've enabled the track as "private" then click "enable download" to allow us to grab it. Next, click "share link" to select the private link and forward that to our email at: Please title your beat as "(Artist Name) Vol. 129" IE "King Henry Vol. 129." Please send MASTERED tracks.

The final selection will be championed on the THUMP SoundCloud, editorial, and socials. Here's your chance to go from reader to feature. Let's see what you've got.