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Tiga Wants to Introduce You to His "15-Year-Old Son" Who Inspires All His Music

The Montreal producer shares the third and final section of the film about his album ‘No Fantasy Required.’

Montreal producer, Tiga, has shared the third and final section of the wry, tongue-in-cheek documentary about his 2016 LP No Fantasy Required, and it sees him explore the ever-elusive theme of "Truth." Set in his home studio, he improvises a freewheeling synth lead over the Sopranos theme song (which he refers to as "a new track I'm working on"), and then reveals to the baffled interviewer the root of his creative process—his "15-year-old" son.


Fatherhood, it turns out, made Tiga more committed to the performance-oriented aspect of being a musician. He says: "He gave me purpose, he gave me something worth fighting for. It was transformational." We are then introduced to this muse—spinning around the chair, "Jared" appears on-screen dressed in the same outfit as Tiga and played by an actor of a similar age to him. Tiga says he's the "young hot guy" who helps him find songs he wouldn't have heard before. Tiga then asks Jared to turn up the fader and the two of them sing along to Gotye "Somebody That I Used To Know."

At the end of the video, the artist gets introspective, and recites a heartfelt poem about love and music (partly ripped from U2's 1991 single "Love is Blindness"): "What is DJing? / Love / What is love? / Blindness / I don't want to see / Won't you wrap the night around me? / Love is blindness." The credits then roll, soundtracked by the title track from the album, "No Fantasy Required."

All in all, the clip brings a much-needed sense of closure to the two previously released sections, which saw him dive deep into his personal life, tell stories about selling his soul for dance music culture, and explain the Anna Wintour-style secret signals he uses to communicate with his assistants. It might seem baffling taken out of context, but once you really immerse yourself the documentary, there's one thing you'll know for sure: Tiga will touch your life in ways you'll never fully understand.

Tiga gave THUMP some insight into the clip via email. "Your look into my life concludes forever with a shocking personal revelation and two of the steamiest in-studio performances a film crew was ever paid to capture," he said.

Tiga's No Fantasy Required is out now on Counter Records.