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Listen to the First Episode of Rave Curious, A New Podcast From THUMP

THUMP Editor-at-Large Joshua Glazer sits down for an extended and honest conversation with Berlin's finest, Radio Slave.
November 12, 2015, 5:25pm

What are we curious about? Is it electronic music and culture? The magic we feel on the dancefloor? The sweet sound of the bass pulsating through or headphones or the club's thunderous system? And how do we satisfy that curiosity and endless thirst? By talking to some of the DJs, producers, and promoters who drive the electronic music scene year after year, decade after decade, of course! In our new podcast Rave Curious, veteran music journalist and THUMP Editor-at-Large Joshua Glazer sits down with key players in the electronic music community for an extended and honest conversation about life in and out of the club, tracing their inspirations, biggest conquests, and greatest setbacks.


In Episode 001 of the new series—available now via iTunes—Joshua sits down for an intimate conversation with Matt Edwards, the Berlin-based producer behind Radio Slave. Throughout his prolific career, Edwards has released everything from mind-expanding marathon remixes to dynamic tech house under his main moniker, and effervescent, syrupy house workouts under his Rekid alias, which takes it name from the label Edwards founded and runs, Rekids. On top of that, he's a tentpole of the clubbing world, with masterful sets at Panorama Bar, Oval Space, Ibiza, and just about every room you might want to cut loose in.

Listen to Rave Curious Podcast 001 - Radio Slave

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