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Which Band Reunion Would Make Glastonbury 2018 Actually Happen?

Michael Eavis says next year's planned year off could be reversed if "one band" deign to reform.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

And so, in a puff of druid incense stick smoke, ends Glastonbury 2017. It's been a ride. In an ordinary year, the end of the festival means that planning immediately starts for the next year's event, but as 2018 marks Worthy Farm's "fallow year" (that is, the year they have to spend making sure that the site – which is a working dairy farm when it's not hosting a music festival – is able to withhold the following six years' worth of revelry) that won't be the case.


However, Michael Eavis, Glastonbury's founder, isn't sure. Speaking to The Guardian, the festival's founder commented that he was regretting the decision to stop the festival for 2018 – and more specifically, he mentioned that "there's one band I want to re-form – if they re-form, I'll change my mind." But who could it be, dear reader? Who could it be?

Sugababes (OG lineup)

Not being funny but if the best close harmonies, led by the unsung queen Mutya Buena, ever to be born of the UK decided to make a proper go of it I myself would throw them a festival.

Take That (with Robbie)

Robbie Williams has rejoined Take That for various special occasions over the years, so perhaps, if they were Eavis' dream band, he would consider doing so again. In all fairness, can you think of anything more Glastonbury than chewing your face off while being chucked about on a stranger's shoulders to "Relight My Fire"? Because I certainly cannot.

Fleetwood Mac

It feels like Fleetwood Mac are the Eavis family's white whale. For years now, they've been trying to get Lindsay Buckingham and co. to grace the Pyramid Stage, but they've resisted due to financial constraints. Perhaps if 2018 was the year they decided it was time to cough up and secure the headliner of their dreams, we might get a Glastonbury out of it.

My Chemical Romance

Where the FUCK are my #BlackParade heads at? Maybe Michael Eavis is a secret adult emo, and perhaps, like me, he wants nothing more than to scream "TEENAGERS SCARE! THE LIVIN SHIT OUTTA ME!" in a field surrounded by other dirty people in hoodies.


It's probably Oasis though isn't it? If there's one event that could possibly reunite the warring Gallagher brothers, it's surely Glastonbury. And if there's one band that Michael Eavis would want to see back together, it's surely Oasis. It could actually happen; think about it – the idea of having a whole festival cancellation overturned just for them might be balm enough for Noel and Liam's respectively giant egos to give it another crack. Let us pray. Or, let us rewatch Liam dishing out one golden quote after the next in his British Masters chat with us.

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