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Burger King's Secret Chicken Color Chart Has Been Revealed

It's kind of depressing, but also kind of cute, in a way.
Photo via Flicker user rob_rob2001

A couple of months ago, Facebook users around the country simultaneously closed their browsers in disgust after seeing a sincere-sounding post for "medium rare chicken strips." Despite the authentic-seeming #cleaneating hashtag, Morgan Jane Gibbs was actually just trolling everyone for the online likes and real-life gag reflexes. Thank goodness, because there are some very serious reasons to avoid eating chicken that's barely been cooked beyond pinkness—and Burger King seems to agree.


On Monday morning, the chain's Crispy Chicken Filet Color Guide was revealed to all the world (or at least the internet) when Helen Rosner, the executive editor of Eater, spotted the cheat sheet and tweeted, "Bless whoever left this glorious document face-up on the counter at this rest stop Burger King."

Bless them, indeed, because its position on top of an open envelope makes it look like this incredible artifact was just delivered to the King and is ready to be addressed, learned, and committed to memory. I love that it looks like a collection of Behr paint swatches arranged in a tasteful, edible ombre pattern, from the undercooked danger of Dandelion Wish to the charred briquets of Espresso Beans.

I also love imagining Burger King workers holding individual chicken filets against its laminated color palette, determining which ones are OK for consumption and which aren't fit to be handed to a customer.

Last month, Burger King dumped its much maligned Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich, replacing it with a new Crispy Chicken Sandwich, a four-ounce patty that is reportedly more tender and more crisp than its predecessor. The new menu item probably explains why Burger King is sending chicken color guides out to its restaurants. It may also be something that you'll want to print out and take with you on your next BK run.

MUNCHIES has reached out to Burger King for comment on the guide but has not yet received a response.