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House Music is Disco’s Revenge: A Look at the Early Days of American House

Olmeca Tequila & THUMP present Switched ON Part Two: The Underground.

What killed disco? What are the real origins of the term "house music?" Why does techno sound like that? Why is Frankie Knuckles so damn important? In Part Two of THUMP's mini-doc series, Switched On, you not only get to see some sick dancing (really!) but you get a taste of the story behind house and techno's origins. Plus, check out some rarely-seen footage of Frankie himself talking about the last days of disco and the early days of the moment he not only started but carried through for decades to come.


Switched ON Part Two: The Underground features Tommie Sunshine, Moby, Kerri Mason, Raymond Roker, THUMP's Zel McCarthy and the legendary Frankie Knuckles.

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