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Watch PYN's "Me," a Haunting Video About Suicide and Grief

Portland's PYN directs a video about a young girl taking her own life, and the sense of loss associated with it.
February 27, 2015, 6:53pm

The opening scenes of the video for "Me" by Portland producer PYN (Jared Wangenstein) looks straight out of The Blair Witch Project, with a girl running desperately through the forest. Soon, another girl appears, and fear gives way to anxiety and melancholy as you realize that the running girl is trying to save the other character from committing suicide. Wangenstein, who directed the video himself, confirms that the song is about "a young girl taking her own life, while the accompanying music deals with the loss and the guilt associated with it."


"Me" is one of the tracks on STYLSS Loves You, a compilation from the Portland label that came out earlier this month. Alongside PYN, the release also features other STYLSS beasts such as EASTGHOST, Bleep Bloop, Kid Smpl, JNTHN STEIN and Haarps.

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