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Paul Kalkbrenner Goes Mental in LA

Watch this cool split-screen of the Berlin DJ and his crew getting loose in the City of Angels.
December 17, 2013, 11:16pm

In this cool split-screen video, director Matthew Christopher Miller follows Berlin techno stadium-filler Paul Kalkbrenner and his crew around in Los Angeles, from goofing around on the tour bus to setting up the show at the Henry Fonda Theater to a little post-club Guten Tag graffiti. We get to see some of the faces who make Paul's shows come to life, as well as his amazing lighting set up (peep it below). When he's not getting hands in the air, Paul reveals a funny side. Check out more about hisGuten Tag tour of North America to support his recent album of the same name ("Der Buhold," one of the album's singles, soundtracks this mini-movie).

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