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Ducky - Air (Night Version) [THUMP Premiere]

NYC songstress and downtown club kid Ducky is at it again.
July 15, 2013, 6:00pm

The world can never have enough baby-voiced blondes singing earnestly about shitty boyfriends and (possible) cocaine binges over bouncy electro beats. Enter Ducky, a New York-based pop experimentalist with a brassy downtown swagger and a penchant for woozy synths, drum machines and lyrics about being young and jaded.

She linked up with Toronto producer and engineer David Psutka to flip a brooding "Night Version" of her new single, "Air," which debuted on June 26 through Paper Mag. If you listen closely you can hear Psutka—known by day as Night Slugs producer Exyptrixx—and his quirky trademark synths riding low underneath a grooving house rhythm and Ducky's spacious vocals. You can also hear Ducky name drop the English romantic poet John Keats, which is weird.

Ducky isn't just a pretty voice, though—she's a wizard in the studio with a degree in audio engineering from NYU (seriously), and the girl's got a back catalogue of self-produced mixtapes and EPs you can dig up on her Bandcamp. Don't sleep!