We Asked Some Producers and DJs To Tell Us Why They Love Todd Edwards


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We Asked Some Producers and DJs To Tell Us Why They Love Todd Edwards

Ahead of Todd the God's Warehouse Project appearance tomorrow, we spoke to some of dance's brightest and best about the best thing come out of New Jersey since Tony Soprano.
October 1, 2015, 1:53pm

New Jersey hero Todd Edwards, often known simply as Todd the God, is one of those rare producers who's created an instantly recognizable, instantly singular sound. As soon as you hear that chunkily pumping 4/4 and those effervescent, ecstatic vocal cut ups you know you're in the safe hands of a genuine master.

From "Saved My Life" to "I Might Be", from "My Faith" to "Dancing for Heaven" the Edwards back catalog is stuffed with moments that go beyond the quotidian realities of the club and reach towards something higher, something more. Don't just take our word for it though: listen to some of his fellow DJ friends, collaborators, and those who just really love his work, to tell us about their favorite deliver from a man known to some of us as The Messenger.


For me there's been a lot of incredible Todd Edwards records, and I'm a huge fan of his Robin S remix, but I think it has to be his first Daft Punk collaboration — "Face to Face" from Discovery. It's a superb record in every way: soulful, simple, not overproduced. A true classic from my childhood.


This track ("Hold the Faith") was just put together so well like most of Todd's music. I still play this out today, its got a real nice soulful and broken vibe that gets people going crazy. I feel blessed to have worked with this man, he's a house music genius!"


Probably one of our favorites is the remix he did for St Germain…there's something about this track — it's a heads down, sleazy, dark club, low ceiling feelings thing. You can tell a Todd Edwards record a mile off but each track he's produced brought something different and a whole new load of emotions.


i love Todd's earlier stuff on Nervous. This one is my pick from this EP.. typical Todd beats and vibe. Love it so much still…just wish I could find my copy!

Todd Edwards plays the Warehouse Project in Manchester tomorrow night alongside Kiwi, Waze & Odyssey, Shadow Child, Roy Davis Jr, Duke Dumont and Cajmere.

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