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Phil Weeks Brings the Groovy, Wavy, Soul-Soothing French House In this Exclusive Mix

The French producer and DJ has come through with a belting session.
September 30, 2015, 2:09pm

French DJ Phil Weeks is a self-professed house purist - a guy who believes, and rightly so, in the power of chunky, groovy, rolling, soulful cuts from Chicago and filter-house France, to bring harmony and happiness. More than anything, he grounds his mission in the search, celebration, and creation of "proper house". It's a loaded term, and one that would probably be defined differently by every person you asked, but the philosophy behind it is pretty straightforward — house that doesn't sound good, it feels good.


Well the feels are all on show in the mix Phil has made for us. It knocks, but is all warm at the same time. Loud and lovely, if you will. You can listen to it below and scroll down even further to read a chat we had with the man himself ahead of his London appearance for Tribal Sessions at Fire.

Hi Phil, how has the summer been?
Hi mate, summer was nice, I took some time off with family chilling in Ibiza and I feel so fresh again.

You've been DJing and producing for well over a decade — are the months spent DJing all over the world still as fun as they used to be?
Yes for sure, this is my main goal, the key to everything.I do my best to keep my motivation, and my touring fun. I'm training almost every day, I eat good, and always try to be creative…and I smoke the best shit.

You're headed to London for Tribal Sessions in October. Do you get a chance to play in London often?
I think London is the city I play the most, with Paris & Berlin. I love it there, parties are usually very dope, from the underground venue till the nice club. The crowds are always on fire.

What are your feelings towards contemporary house music being produced now?
I love so much the late nineties, early 2000's, I was buying and receiving so much dope music those days. I still find some amazing music right now that still sounds like in the nineties but it's obviously harder. The old sound is what I like as you can feel the texture, way less digital, warmer, more lo-fi as some kids have told me. But the new house sound, I don't like it to be honest.


What's your process when you start making a mix like this?
I recorded this one home (I usually record podcast live in club) but the process is actually the same. I never have a plan, it would kill my creativity. I'm best on the live thing, I select some vinyl, around 50 tracks in the usb stick, make sure I'm in a good mood and then record myself. I love to mix, I often mix alone in my house, so I'm just trying to have fun and kill each mix.

You've continued to produce relentlessly — is it hard to find the time to get into the studio?
I have to say yes it's hard to find enough time. Even if I can do music almost every day when I'm at home, I still feel frustrated, I wish I could do more. Maybe one day.

Your label — Robsoul Recordings — is going from strength to strength. Are there any recent or upcoming releases we should be especially excited for?
I would say everything! We release about two projects each month. Coming up next we have my new Pimpin' Ain't Easy album, on 23rd October. This is my last big project; I was on it since late 2014. Then we have a DJ W!ld new release, classic Parisian artist from Robsoul. Also a new signature from Sheffield, Tommy Vicari Jnr, amazing talent, next level shit on the Robsoul style.

What three essential tracks you are dropping in your DJ sets at the moment?
I'll give you 5…

Dirty Sole Feat. Heather – Keep Driving (Justin Harris Rmx) PW Edit
Tommy Vicari Jnr – Came to Say
Shade of Dank (Dan X Boot) Joss Moog – Smith
Phil Weeks & Peven Everett – Funky Music

All the 5 cuts in this podcast.

Phil Weeks will be appearing at Tribal Sessions in London on the 23rd of October. Find out more here.