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Try Not to Cringe at This Lost Microsoft Smartwatch Ad Starring Spike Lee

2004 called and said it’s even embarrassed by this.

​Long before Apple's smart watch existed, Microsoft had its own called the SPOT Watch. You'll have to time travel back to 2004, because that's when it hit the shelves with the world's most 2004 commercial ever.

It starts with some dopey James Bond-wannabe looking guy lost in a Las Vegas casino for about a minute and a half.

Then he sits himself in a booth when Spike Lee and his assistant ("Quincy") suddenly appears, for, uh something? Who knows! The dopester is too enthralled with his silly watch to even care that Hollywood royalty is talking to him.

"Why are you staring at your watch?" asks Lee. The man then precedes to brag about all the fancy things it can do, like tell him a Rembrandt he's "had his eye one" is now on auction. Even Quincy showed he wasn't having it with his stinkeye.

The most cringe-worthy line is at the end when Lee asks him if he plays poker and he responds "I play a lot of things." Cut to three women staring at him who are trying so hard not to roll their eyes over this watch nerd.

Oh, and it's all set to a Nas song so how's that for #ThrowbackThursday. Perhaps it was a good thing for all that the watch flopped.

H/T ​Re/code Daily