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So This Is Why GTA 5 Was Made For PC

Humpback whale in traffic.

​Nearly two weeks after Grand Theft Auto V landed on PC, people are making good use of its innovative in-game editing tool.

Like this, a two-minute video of a massive humpback whale barreling into traffic, flopping onto unsuspecting people and terrorizing Los Santos.

Interestingly, some of the cars in that alternative universe have impressive durability because they actually repel the 80,000 pound whale, but we're just quibbling here.

This spectacle is from the mind of YouTube user Merfish who used a modding tool called "Script Hook V" to make this masterpiece. From the looks of it, he had a whale of a time doing it too. (Sorry.)

GTA V modding is still in its early stages, but the creators of Script Hook V and OpenIV told us ​they're confident they can get by the protections Rockstar Games put in place in an attempt to stop them.