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There Is a Megaphone Dictating Bummer Tweets to a Forest in Washington

This is what it sounds like when "nobody listens."
November 19, 2013, 7:50pm

This is what it sounds like when "nobody listens". Er, scratch that. This is what it sounds like when someone gives disembodied voice to just some of those who tweet under the tag "nobody listens."

That someone is artist Rachel Knoll, whose Listen and Repeat sonification project has to be one of the more creeping takes on the alone-together phenomenon:"Social media is used to connect," Knoll writes, "but concurrently serves as a disconnect from society outside of the virtual world." To that end, Knoll mounted a modified megaphone that amplifies, to an audience of trees, "nobody listens" tweets via text-to-speech capabilities.

What we the trees get is at turns darkly comic, poignant, and downright tragic, and if anything is part and parcel of our budding obsession with scoring otherwise remote and womb-like locations.