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Parody Account Mocks Twitter for Not Suspending Harassers, Gets Suspended

In ironic twist of fate, parody account @TrustySupport was suspended for a few hours on Wednesday.
Screenshot courtesy of @OWSLibrary

The parody account @TrustySupport is a bitter but hilarious send-up of Twitter's track record on harassment (spoiler: they are not very good with harassment). Its tweets deride the company for a perceived insensitivity to users by issuing satirical messages in a spot-on social-media-PR voice, replete with emojis. On Wednesday, the account was suspended for at least an hour.

One tweet jokes that users should simply send Twitter's canned automatic messages to themselves. The tweet has resonated with users frustrated by the current system, receiving hundreds of retweets.

@TrustySupport was suspended some time in the afternoon (Eastern Standard Time), and unsuspended around 5 pm. It's not yet known why the account was suspended. Given how quickly it was reversed, it appears to have been a mistake—a mistake that might as well be a meta-satire of what Twitter's Report Abuse system is currently like.