Action Bronson's New York Restaurant Guide

Action Bronson's New York Restaurant Guide

Here's a quick rundown of some of Mr. Wonderful's essentials when it comes to eating in New York—from ice cream sundaes to bone marrow bread pudding.

This post previously appeared on MUNCHIES in July, 2016.

There's no city like New York, and no rapper like Action Bronson. For the past three seasons, the former line cook has taken us on a wildly delicious ride around the world in our video series Fuck, That's Delicious, and he's not stopping anytime soon.


There's no question that the Queens native is one of the best New Yorkers to provide us with the essentials on where to experience some of the Big Apple's finest meals, from nostalgic malted milkshakes at Eddie's Sweet Shop to the meltingly tender crudo at Marea.


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Thankfully, our brand new MUNCHIES Guide to New York contains a custom Action Bronson filter which highlights his favorite haunts around our glorious boroughs. It's there so that you can experience your very own Fuck, That's Delicious moments.


Catch a few of his essentials below, but head over to our city guides page for the full monty:


Tai Pan Fusion Restaurant: This Fresh Meadows joint is all that's wonderful about Queens: a halal Sichuan restaurant run by Bangladeshis. These guys know how to fry, so don't miss Action's favorites: Drums of Heaven—deep-fried chicken drumettes tossed with garlic sauce—and chili lamb, pan-fried chili chicken, and honey chicken.


Marea: Maestro Michael White's Central Park South temple to fresh seafood and homemade pasta serves some of the best of both in the city. Live like Action Bronson and enjoy "one of the most extravagant meals of your life" by ordering the crudo and all of the pasta—especially the homemade fusilli, which is so delicious, it makes Action want to "slap the shit out of someone's father." Or you could live like the real heathen that you are and order the 50-day, dry-aged steak that's served with a side of bone marrow bread pudding. Yes, bone marrow bread pudding.


Farid Kebab: Food cart aficionados flock to this Queens halal cart for the fresh, flavorful meat kebabs that glisten over their charcoal grill. Live like Action Bronson for an evening and order the chicken kebab sandwich: tender chicken on crispy French bread that's dressed with Farid's noteworthy homemade sauces, for an experience that's absolutely unreal.


Eddie's Sweet Shop: Whenever in Forest Hills, save room for Eddie's Sweet Shop, because it's a Queens institution. The non-ironic, throwback soda counter turns out some of the last great malted milkshakes anywhere in the outer boroughs. Become a regular customer like Action Bronson and order one of the malts or the banana fudge Sunday, and don't forget their homemade whipped cream, which Bam Bam loves because they "take it to a point where it's almost butter, and it's so stiff you could almost throw it at someone like a snowball."

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