This story is over 5 years old.

Listen to "Remo" When You're Ready for Steamy Weekend Sex

Jazzy ear-love from a talented musical trio.

There is really only one thing to say about "Remo" and it's only three letters long—sex. That jazzy, smooth, light up all the candles and incense kind of intimate anniversary sex.

The song comes courtesy of Greg Paulus, the trumpet slinging one-half of jazzy deep house outfit No Regular Play, frequent collaborater John Camp and Brian Derdiarian's latest EP Scenes From Our Classic Future via out favorite Brooklyn animal lovers—Wolf +Lamb. All people, or should I say "cool cats," who know how to cook up tunes that could double as potent aphrodisiacs. Dim the lights, do the best to channel your inner Miles Davis—and get ready for some audio love.