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Watch This Chinese Woman Make the Wildest Desk Lunch Ever

For starters, she turns an empty Pepsi can into a Bunsen burner-slash-hotpot and takes her PC apart and uses parts of it to fry a pancake.

It's Wednesday, which means you'll probably eat lunch at your desk, chewing sad bites of salad or unevenly heated leftovers while you drag your cursor around the Internet. Desk lunches usually cover the spectrum between 'sort of depressing' and 'seasoned with despair,' and—even worse—we're usually eating the same thing every damn day. According to a study, a truly harrowing three quarters of British office workers have unbagged the exact same lunch every day for the past nine months.


And then there's this one Chinese vlogger who says "Screw that," and instead turns her workspace into a full kitchen, using an assortment of familiar (and totally unexpected) office supplies to cook lunch at her desk.

The woman, known online as Little Ye in the Office, has uploaded videos of herself gleefully violating several dozen pages of the average employee handbook. She turns an empty Pepsi can into a desktop Bunsen burner-slash-hotpot, grills beef strips with a steam iron, and takes her PC apart so she can use its various components to fry a pancake.

"In order to cook an enjoyable meal at work, this woman goes the distance in disassembling a desktop [computer] and putting it back together," one commenter said, according to the South China Morning Post. "You have my utmost respect." She also still presumably has a job, which may be the most impressive aspect of this entire situation.

The most entertaining aspects of Little Ye's videos have to be her coworkers, who seem content to focus on their own spreadsheets or whatever while she's literally boiling noodles and steaming pieces of meat less than two feet away.

In the three weeks since she started posting videos, she has collected more than 10,000 YouTube subscribers. I'd like to know what percentage of those viewers are willing to try this at their own desk, and what percentage are chewing a mouthful of ham sandwich, wondering how hard it is to dismantle an HP Pavilion desktop.