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Byte The App: Must See Apps Of The Week 1/19

Put your profile on a 3D printed mug, create the perfect groupshot, rescue 80bit minotaurs, explore the Behance Network, and play beat ’em up classic Soul Calibur.
January 19, 2012, 8:26pm

The app stores are teeming with new releases, but who has time to go through them all? We do. Bringing you a selection of the most interesting, creative, and innovative apps each week. Submit your suggestions for next week in the comments below.

3D Printing Sculpteo Design Maker [iPhone, iPod touch and iPad]
If you’re the type that’s into personalizing random objects with your image and then gifting them to all your relatives and friends, then here’s an app that can help you achieve those goals. You can take a picture of yourself (or a friend, if you’re feeling generous) and transform it into a design that can then be 3D printed onto a mug or vase, producing a “Ego-Datamug.” If you’re the shy type, you can also take stats from your Twitter account and transform those into a design. You’ll never have to drink from a non-customized cup without an imprint of you on it again.

GroupShot [iPhone, iPod touch and iPad]
Photo doctoring on your phone is nowhere near the level of artistry and precision laptop computers afford, but given time, it will be, especially with apps like this. GroupShot lets you perfect your, er, group shots by letting you choose faces from different shots you’ve taken and combining them into that elusive perfect group shot. Finally, you get the shot you’ve always wanted—one where everyone isn’t giving the finger, pulling stupid faces or has their eyes closed.

Caverns of Minos [iPhone, iPod touch and iPad]
Jeff Minter, UK games designer of legend and founder of Llamasoft, has released this 8-bit shoot ‘em up inspired by the Atari 800’s title Caverns of Mars. In Caverns of Minos you fly one of four different ships into various caverns and rescue as many minotaurs as you can, along the way meeting characters like Deer Leader and Mankind’s Greatest Friend.

Behance Network: Creative Portfolios & Galleries [iPhone, iPod touch and iPad]
The Behance Network is an incredible platform for creative professionals all over the world to share their work, as well as a great place to discover some creative inspiration. We love them so much, we used their platform to power our own creative community, the Gallery. Now they’ve released a new iOS app so you can explore their vast repository of projects while on the move. You can also access your portfolio, should you have one, so you can literally carry your portfolio around in your pocket, as well as browse all the awesome galleries to get those creative juices flowing.

Soul Calibur [iPhone, iPod touch and iPad]
If you spent hours of your wasted youth or adulthood on Namco’s beat ‘em up, then you’ll welcome this iOS version so you can waste your adulthood similarly kicking the crap out of opponents like Cervantes and that weird bondage freak Voldo. It does come at quite a hefty price tag but at least you’ll be able to “Relive the eternal tale of swords and souls transcending time and space,” as the description says.