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This Mindfulness Subscription Box Says It's the 'Netflix of Crystals’

Don’t know what gift to buy your crunchy aunt or neopagan crush? Mindful Souls offers a delivery of feel-good crystals and essential oils.
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Don’t know what to gift your crunchy crush for their birthday? Are you struggling to find the right present for the aunt who insists on picking up bird feathers on the beach because she “was a snowy plover in a past life”? Well it’s 2024, starlight, and it turns out there's a subscription box for that. 

Switch on your salt lamp, and let’s unpack Mindful Souls, the monthly mindfulness subscription box that claims to be the “Netflix of crystals.” 

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Photo: Courtesy of Mindful Souls

What does it mean to be the “Netflix of crystals,” exactly? For the monthly price of a dece lobster lunch, Mindful Souls will apparently supply subscribers with an eclectic mix of items intended to inspire mindfulness and calm, including 100% natural and “ethically sourced” crystals, essential oils, a vague selection of “special tips and ritual guides,” and what appears to be a Funko Pop! statue of the Buddha. If any of that speaks to you, the company is also having a 30% off sale for the New Year with the code NYMS30. But we digress. 

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We’re living in the golden era of subscription boxes, one in which it has never been easier to wake up in Tennessee with a box of rare Japanese candy on your doorstep, or to one-click equip yourself with a biannual shipment of sex toys and BDSM gear. And as good old Daddy Internet continues to connect the world through a wide, wide web, we’re not surprised to see a goody bag of meditation tools join the club. Not everyone lives around the corner from a store stocked with New-Age-y trinkets, and Mindful Souls is perfect for those who want to form an emotional bond with a quartz crystal but live in a Stanley-Cup-Christian-mom-Fundamentalist neighborhood. Or, you know, learn the most digestible basics of alternative forms of meditation and wellness.

For some folks, peace is a Shrek-themed guest room; for others, it’s a piece of obsidian carved to look like a turtle. If you also have a cousin who uses a pendulum to make decisions at the Cheesecake Factory, Mindful Souls might be just what the cosmos ordered.  

Learn more at Mindful Souls.

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