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The Best Camping Tents for Under $100, From Basic to Ginormous

You shouldn't have to blow your whole paycheck just to crash in the woods. Try these picks from REI, Coleman, and more to be lord of the forest.
Ian Burke
Brooklyn, US
July 7, 2021, 5:06pm
All the best stuff for under $100.

Welcome to Under a Hundo, where your faithful VICE editors find the best versions of anything and everything you're desperately seeking—all for under $100. Whether it’s fancy knives, instant-vacation-vibes patio furniture, or suspiciously underpriced ghost-hunting equipment, we’ve got your thrifty needs covered.

If there’s one thing we know about camping, it’s that it’s in-tents. (We’ll see if my editor leaves that one in there.) Dad jokes aside, camping season is upon us, and getting off the couch and into nature—or possibly just moving to a weather-resistant couch—is a great way to mix things up this season and cultivate an appreciation for the backcountry. A tent is usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about camping, and for good reason. A sturdy and comfortable shelter can be the difference between a successful night in the wild and a lifelong aversion to outdoor adventures.


Whether you’re a camping novice with only a raincoat and pocket knife in your arsenal or an outdoor aficionado with a garage full of hi-tech survival gear, as long as you come prepared with the right tools for the job, spending a night in the woods, desert, mountains, or even in an RV that’s parked outside your house can be a fun, relatively wholesome activity. (Or you can just get ~shitfaced~ under the stars with your buddies.*) 

Whatever your camping preferences are, we’ve got tents to match—from solitary anti-bug coffins to outhouse privacy canopies to four-person pop-up shelters, your night spent roughin’ it will be as smooth as possible. Get pitchin’! 

Slightly larger than your room 

Well, maybe if you live in the “flex” portion of your “two-bedroom apartment.” Either way, this 42-square-foot tent by Quest is water-resistant, has fiberglass poles, and will comfortably sleep you and two of your closest friends. (If you have any.) 

It’s also festival season… 

…Which, we have a feeling, will be especially wild (and well-attended) this year. While we can’t promise your body will stay upright and mud-free, we can attest to the structural integrity of this easy-to-assemble, waterproof tent. Wire wrap and ground score sole separately.  

*Purring noises*

We respect backpackers in this house, and this windproof, waterproof tent by Night Cat is sturdy enough for the trails and small enough to fit snugly in travel bags and adventure packs. Plus, it’s roomy enough to fit another person. [Purring intensifies.]

Night Cat

Backpacking Tent


Rest in peace

Disclaimer: Not for professional funerary use. Though we know this coffin-esque tent is giving major graveyard vibes, the only thing that’s dying are the hopes and dreams of bloodthirsty summer bugs. With internal straps for securing a sleeping pad and loops for attaching a rain cover, this is the perfect solo tent for embracing the night. 

REI Co-op

Bug Out Bivy

From the makers of your favorite grills

Here’s one for the glampers—with an integrated extension cord port, a 10-minute setup, and a frame that withstands winds over 35 mph, you won’t even know you’re camping. Except, you know, the whole tent thing. 

Not a church

Though it indeed has a vestibule, it’s far less holy than a house of worship. (Thankfully.) This camping compound fits one queen-sized air mattress, includes 37 square feet of storage, and has a second door at the back of the tent for slinking away in the night. Not that you’re going to do that, you rascal.

Ozark Trail

4-Person Dome Tent, with Vestibule and Full Coverage Fly

Bring both of your twin mattresses 

Did someone say megabed? Well, no, but Adon from Wayfair sure implied it in the question-and-answer section. This six-person tent is lightweight and a breeze to install, which makes it perfect for the whole family—or your Thursday night seance group. 


6 Person Tent with Carry Bag

Meet me in the toilet tent

We can discuss current events. For example: Why are we chatting in the toilet tent? 


Blockhouse Privacy Shelter


You’re the friend that has a beach house 

… So to speak. According to the youths at REI, this cabana-style beach tent is perfect for keeping “your panting doggo out of the sun, your toddler's lunch out of the sand or prying eyes away from your outfit changes.” The tent also comes with sandbags, stakes, and a Shark Mouth duffel for easy transport. 


Cabana Shelter

We’re not sure how you can hate from outside of the tent

You can’t even get in! (Without the secret password, of course.) “This is by far the easiest tent to set up. Two minutes! Done!” one reviewer explained. The description also implores you, in all caps, to “ENJOY WITH CONFIDENCE” and “START A LIGHTWEIGHT TRIP.” A little on the nose, but we appreciate the candor. 


Family Camping Tent

* Beer not included. VICE not responsible for any camping-related hooliganism. And make sure you’re strapped with everything you need to murder summer bugs. Happy camping.

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