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Beef Weekly: Courtney Love VS Lana Del Rey

Quit talkin' about my vagina, bitch.

OK, so last week I explained the fucked-up ways of the cruel Beef God. But I didn't explain that the Beef God also has a habit of zoning in on individuals, and bestowing them with a whole lifetime of beef. Step forward Courtney Love.

Love’s had beef with David Grohl, Steve Albini, The Muppets, Hole, Steve Coogan, Billy Corgan, her daughter,her daughter's pets, pretty much everyone. Sometimes she wins the beef, a lot of the times she loses and other times it just goes on for years and years and you just have to shrug and accept that long after the last tree has melted into the Earth's sea, Grohl and Love will still be bitching about Kurt's money.

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