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VICE Loves Bub More Than You Do

We love Bub, and Bub loves us back, that's why she made an exclusive video just for VICE, and not for you.

There are only a few hardcore important facts in life worth memorizing, and one of them is that we liked Lil Bub before anyone else did. It's just true, and there's nothing you can do about it. As I sit here typing this, I have a Bub postcard taped up by my desk, the coworker to the far left of me has a similar postcard, and pin taped-up by hers, and about two times a week I wear a Bub shirt in an effort to thwart assholeishness and douchery in every day life, and spread the joy of cats and cat videos.


When we had our editorial meeting the other day, and I announced that Bub was making us an exclusive video, my male coworkers looked at me like a wad of tampons had just tumbled from my gaping mouth. They don't get it, but maybe they will after watching this:

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