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Vaping Set to Become Regulated by Health Canada

Finally, someone is thinking of the children.
Photo via Flickr user Lindsay Fox

In its continued crackdown on all things fun/probably bad for you, Health Canada is looking to regulate vaping and e-cigarettes, the CBC reports.

Health Canada is looking to make amendments to the Tobacco Act that will include vaporizers and e-cigarettes, treating them as a "separate class of product," according to a statement on Tuesday. It comes as an effort to curb youth from the belief that e-cigarettes and vapes are less addictive than real cigarettes. READ MORE: Vape at Your Own Risk: Company-Ordered Recalls and the Lack of Regulation in the Canadian E-Cigarette Industry A 2015 investigation by VICE found a lack of federal regulation was leading to risks for consumers. Health Minister Jane Philpott addressed the Commons, saying that while "there is some evidence to suggest that the use of vaping products can be used as a harm-reduction tool for people who are current smokers," they have also shown to be an "enticement for young people to take up smoking and become addicted to nicotine." The regulations will include: packaging, logos, colouring, labelling, promotion, advertising, and use in public spaces. Similar to other crackdowns we've been seeing, the ban will also include provisions like "prohibiting the promotion of flavours that appeal to youth, such as candy flavours." So you can forget about getting that special someone an eggnog flavoured e-cig this holiday season. Follow Lisa Power on Twitter.