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Who Is the Worst Style Icon?

Oh shit, it's New York Fashion Week again? Now all the coffee shops in New York are going to be overrun with buttholes in Saran Wrap outfits. I guess we might as well make the most of it and ask some of these people questions. Hey fashion folk, who's...
February 7, 2013, 1:00pm

Oh shit, it's New York Fashion Week again? Now all the coffee shops in New York are going to be overrun with buttholes in Saran Wrap outfits, sucking up all the wi-fi, and hogging all the outlets. I guess we might as well make the most of it and ask some of these "professionals" questions. OK, fashion folk, who's the world's worst style icon?

Gretta Johnson, 27, artist: I accidentally called someone Avril Lavigne as a compliment the other day, and I felt really bad about it. That means she is probably not the best style icon.

What's wrong with Avril Lavigne?
The reaction I got from the girl was just like, “Oh my god, why? That’s so horrible.” And I immediately felt bad. It's her persona, you know? That skater girl, mall-rat thing—which isn't the worst. But her version of it is awful.


Who’s your personal style icon?
River Pheonix from My Own Private Idaho. I love the atmosphere of that movie and his distressed look. I also love Laura Dern in Jurassic Park, because she was always ready for action.

So you like to dress in men’s clothes and look like a safari lesbian?
Yes. Yes, I do.

Adomaka Aman, 28, freelance photographer: Oh man. It would have to be Nicki Minaj.

Because she’s a walking clown. Her body’s disproportionate, she looks hideous, and her makeup’s crazy. She has an identity problem, too. It’s like, why don’t you just be Onika Maraj? Style is being yourself and she doesn't do that, which is why she has the worst style ever.

If she were herself, how do you think she would dress?
She'd probably have her crack and her breasts out, with her hair in a raggedy ponytail. She wouldn't look good, that's for sure. That’s why she’s always dressing all crazy—so she can get attention. She’s trying to be like the black Lady Gaga. But truth be told, I don't like Gaga's style either.

Who’s your personal style icon and why?
For women, I would say Carrie Bradshaw. For men, I like A$AP Rocky. We both like, the like, the young kind of style, and we are about the same size. I like to see a guy who’s not so buff, but is flamboyant.

Yeah, everyone wants to dress like Rocky.
I’m all about androgyny. So I love the way he dresses. And I like how he teams up with designers like Alexander Wang. When I saw the “Wassup” video, I was like, Oh cool! I like this, it’s good.

Evelyn Brushie, 25, casting director: I’d have to think about this. Being in casting, I don’t like to talk bad about people.

It could be a dead person.
I don’t know. I don’t think you can really say someone has bad style. Everyone does their own thing—if they’re happy, I’m happy. And I don’t really go around judging people like that. You might have to ask someone that’s superficial, they would tell you. What else do you wanna know?


OK. Helena Bonham Carter has terrible style, and she doesn't say the nicest things. But to me, I think she’s amazing because she’s like an individual, and she really doesn’t give a crap what people think.

OK, and who is your personal style icon?
Patti Smith, all the way. She could just rock a T-shirt and jeans with messy hair and look cool and that's style to me. She’s been an original since day one.

Sef McKinley Atkins, 22, DJ: Michelle Obama has the worst style.

You didn't! She's the First Lady.
Number one, she is not attractive. I’m tired of everyone saying that she is attractive. She’s not attractive, and she's not a style icon. I’m sorry. I don’t think so. I don’t think she has any style.

What about her style offends you?
I just don’t like the fact that people make style icons. There are people walking around who take time and have a story with their wardrobe, and they aren’t called style icons. Then there are the people who are told what to wear and have stylists pick out their clothes, and they’re called style icons. I'm not into that. You shouldn't have to be rich to be a style icon. You should just have style.

Who’s your personal style icon?
My dad, actually. I'm a preacher’s kid from the South. My dad would have on suits and dress shoes and colored suits and lime-green suits. That's my inspiration. He's my style icon.

He sounds really cool, actually!

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