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If You Live in California, You Should Go to Sea of Blasphemy

2013 is off to a strong start for Venice art gallery CURIO, with the opening of their first exhibition of the new year titled Sea Of Blasphemy, a special group show guest curated by Jacob Arden McClure! Coasts collide as California artists Bill McRight...

You like art stuff, right? I mean, you enjoy having that feeling that comes about when your eyes see something pretty and/or challenging and then it's like your cells took a vitamin? Me too.

There's an exciting art show happening in Venice, California later this month that you should mark down somewhere. I'm giving you all advance notice on it so you can buy a shirt. I know you need to buy a shirt.

Here's the blurb I liked best from the press release for the event:

"Disillusioned with modern day society's acceptance of violence, profanity, and taboo, we find ourselves floating in a proverbial "Sea of Blasphemy", where little, these days, is considered sacred or shocking. Banality gives way to a sick sort of freedom, to explore and experiment, through art, the true meaning of right and wrong, scared and evil, subconscious and reality. Four of today's most talented contemporary artists are put to the test of complacency-among-chaos, revealing surprisingly vibrant, thoughtful, and even jovial narratives in the form of art, for this engaging exhibit."

When you go, pay special attention to the work of Bonnie Brenda Scott. She made me this for Christmas:

Here's the Facebook event thing for more info.