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We Saw This: Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus at the Guggenheim. Right???
May 11, 2012, 4:40pm

Okay fine, so I PERSONALLY didn't go see Zola Jesus at the Guggenheim last night, because I was too busy making fun of people playing literary trivia at some other thing, but photographer Eric Groom went and sent back some super-pretty pictures. Seeing a hot, talented person do what they do is stunner enough, but then decorate said person with light-up shit and it's like, whoa, even better.

Because I can't comment on how horrible or amazing the crowd was at this show, I'll just caption the photos.

Coffee, eggs, milk, Captain Crunch, let's see… what else do I need? Oh shit…

You guys, does this make my butt look big? Whatever. You don't know anything about lights. 

"What? No, you're wrong. Girls is actually a really good show."

Can you guys hear me over this violin? Okay, good. So, a muffin walks into a pizza place…

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Photos by Eric Groom

And for special bonus material, check out the gorgeous video of Zola's performance at The Creators Project's San Francisco event this past March HERE.