Zacharias Dimitriadis Makes Greece Look Fun Again


This story is over 5 years old.


Zacharias Dimitriadis Makes Greece Look Fun Again

His photos make you forget about all the hatred and fighting, which is nice.

I met Zacharias Dimitriadis a few years ago at a bar in Athens. My friend thought he was cute and I was drunk enough to chat him up – a unique chat-up technique I sometimes use that mostly involves me talking about work – then my friend got annoyed, stormed out and I had to chase her down the street.

Since then, Zacharias moved to New York, I moved to London and we haven't bumped into each other. However, I have been regularly checking up on his photography, and I promise that's not because he's rejected all my friend requests and it's the only way I can keep tabs on him. It's just when you live away from home – a home that happens to have turned into a melting pot of hatred and hostility in the time you've been away – it takes a very particular type of talent to stop you from giving up hope on your people, and Zacharias' photographs do just that. There's nothing better at reminding me that, through the clouds of tear gas, the Greeks are a bunch of very sexy people.